Want to change the way you feel about yourself?

Feel like you are being held back but can't quite put your finger on just what it is?

Feel you're not living the life you and your family deserve?

This could be just the answer you are looking for…

“How You Can Use The Ancient Secrets
'Hidden' in The Energy Of Your Chakras To
Live YOUR Life More Fulfilled, Happy & Complete”

Quickly And Easily Discover How To Use The Power Of Your Body’s 7
Unique Energy Centers in this Revealing Introduction to the
Chakras… And Enjoy Life on Every Level; Mentally, Emotionally,
Physically And Spiritually

Davina From Chakra Secrets Revealed

From Chakra Expert Davina

Dear Friend,

If the crazy pace of modern life is causing you stress, anxiety, strained relationships, feelings of emotional ‘emptiness’ and all sorts of physical health problems… and you don’t know which way to turn… or even trust what the so-called medical ‘experts’ can do to put you right… then I’m here to tell you the answers to many of these problems already lie within you.

See, for centuries now, ancient Eastern cultures have known about a system of internal ‘Chakras’ that manage and harness your body’s natural energy forces.

Chakras have been known down through the ages by mystics and seers as spinning disks or wheels of life energy. These energy fields come together in and around you in a cyclic, swirling, circular motion and are intricately linked to all your other life giving systems. Within them lies a whole host of information that we in the West are missing out on.

The systems all work synergistically to try and maintain your life in balance and harmony. When you bring balance back to the mind and emotions the body can get on with the process of healing itself so much better.

By understanding, nurturing and mastering your Chakras, it’s possible for you to become the conscious creator of your life rather than the subconscious one.

You can live on purpose with purpose, rather than reacting to life's circumstances.

What do I mean by that?

Well, for example; successful businessmen and women and winning sportsmen and women use visualization all the time, alongside their physical routines.

Visualization is directly linked with the energy around the 6th Chakra or Third Eye - your imagination is so very powerful yet so underestimated by many.

Don't be one of them! Your imagination has the power to direct your energy, promoting healing on many levels and allowing you to;

1. Enjoy better relationships- personal and professional.

2. Achieve your goals and dreams.

3. Enhance your body's own healing power.

4. Promote emotional stability.

5. Enjoy a much freer life, fulfilled, successful and happy.

A blockage or disturbance in the energy around that chakra may well indicate that you worry an awful lot about things, (worry really does sit like a 'grey cloud' in your energy field), with the result that it can seriously hold you back.

It's about recognizing that the Chakras are the gatekeepers to your subconscious, when you can recognize what feeds your energy and what takes away from it, you can more easily include more of what you do want in your life and less of what you don’t.

Chakras are so well revered in these cultures; their maintenance and use are considered essential for living a life of balance and harmony.

You are no doubt aware that many complementary therapies involve the meridians of energy within the body, the 'chakras' are the very centers these therapies are working with - which then go on to have implications on the physical body, stimulating hormones and organs. So anything you can do to promote your own health and wellbeing has got to be a good thing right?

So much so, Chakras can help you identify, pinpoint and alleviate a whole host of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual troubles.

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Tell me…

Do You Suffer Any Of These Ailments
Or Problems In Your Life?

Chakra Secrets Fatigue/ tiredness
Chakra Secrets Regularly feel drained - like everyone wants a piece of you
Chakra Secrets Find it hard to 'switch off' and relax
Chakra Secrets Prone to headaches and tension
Chakra Secrets Loneliness or feeling low
Chakra Secrets Feeling lost or uncertain
Chakra Secrets Lack ‘focus’ and 'drive'
Chakra Secrets Feel indecisive
Chakra Secrets Stomach problems
Chakra Secrets Digestive problems
Chakra Secrets Impulsiveness
Chakra Secrets Quick to anger
Chakra Secrets Feeling hemmed in or restricted
Chakra Secrets Being too hard on yourself
Chakra Secrets Lack inspiration and motivation
Chakra Secrets Experience creative blocks
Chakra Secrets Find it hard to move on from the past
Chakra Secrets Any reoccurring illness/symptom that just won't budge


These are all symptoms of modern-day living. If you suffer from any of them, then you may well be thinking you’ve tried everything a conventional approach to health can come up with, but nothing works.( It's because they tend to deal with the surface issue, rather than what lies at the core - in your energy.)

It just doesn’t seem fair sometimes does it?

Why is it some people seem to get all the luck, their life seems to always be good, they always seem to be happy and fulfilled, enjoying good health, why don't you deserve the same?

They simply know more about the body's energy and the power of the mind to direct that energy. This book will open that doorway to YOU TOO! So you can enjoy the journey to self discovery of your true Authentic Self and all of the possibilities that can bring!

And that is the great tragedy; you have EVERY quality inside you already to overcome these difficulties – you just don’t know it yet – or how to use them.

Quite simply, you just don’t know about the full restorative power of Chakras.

But now at last…

Ancient Wisdom Provides You
With A Very Effective Solution
To Today’s Modern Problems

My name is Davina and I’m a natural intuitive and clairvoyant, a registered hypnotherapist and a specialist in past life regression therapy.

I don't have the answers to the universe but I am a level headed person, deeply connected to my authentic self and I simply want the same for you.

This information helped me move out of a low place in my life - I realized it was no good wishing on a star or waiting for someone else to fix things for me - it's not about that - it's about being practical and logical but using the energy within and around us as well - combined - the missing piece.

The Chakras hold the key to the missing piece you just can't put your finger on!

My interest in our subconscious mind, the links with the chakras and our amazing ability to create our lives as we would want them to be fascinates me. It truly has helped me to improve my life in every way, ways I never thought possible. I want you to enjoy the same benefits too. There is no reason not to!

The subconscious mind has no capacity of logical reasoning and is likened to having a child's mind, it works a great deal with images and simple terms. But if it is told something enough it will believe it to be true, which is why we can uncover many problems and phobias. When they are made aware to the conscious mind, they seem irrational and no longer hold such power over us.

It is my belief the chakras can give tell tale signs of subconscious activity that our energetic body is trying to make known to the conscious mind.

My ultimate wish for you is to live consciously and with purpose too, so you are in charge of your life. Believe me it is truly within your grasp and entirely possible for you to achieve.

My new book has just been published which sheds light on the power of Chakras to remedy many modern-day ills. The book is a full, no-holds barred resource you can use to understand and alleviate many of the problems plaguing you. Information you can directly link to Your Life Right Now!

Many Chakra books are full of interesting facts but somehow seem to fall short, they seem to portray the chakras as separate to us - they are part of us - whether you are aware they exist or not! Many talk of them purely in a spiritual or esoteric sense and many of you may feel it is just a little 'weird' or may be concerned about what your friends and family will think of you.

Don't let their restrictive thinking hold you back anymore.

I try to 'keep it real' I have a strong belief in the human spirit but also know I have a physical body and a life right here and now to live.

Have you ever had days like this;

You've had a frantic day at work, what with pressures and deadlines, not to mention the gossip and bickering, the 'false fronts ' people portray, even the over demanding boss. Then you come home to a partner who seems more distant these days, more chores and hungry children, who seem to get louder just as you sit down to try and grab 5 minutes to yourself. Top it all off with a caustic comment from the mother in law on the phone!

What a day!

No wonder you feel drained and exhausted, suffer from fatigue and poor concentration and end up distracted with your partner and children!

It's at times like these, Real Everyday times you need to be able to center yourself, to tap into the amazing energy reserves and not let others leech that energy away.

Time to get more in touch with your own energy, feel it, sense it, know what drains you, what feeds you, what to do to stop the drain.

Not only do you deserve a better life, so do your children, your family and friends.


Chakra Secrets Revealed

Chakra Secrets Revealed Book

Until recently this resource was on my ‘to do’ list of things that never seemed to get done! However, it's recently been made available after years of painstaking research, development and hands-on client healing on my part.

Here’s one example of my Client work where the knowledge of Chakras helped…


“One woman who was encountering relationship difficulties with a possessive and controlling man described feeling physically weakened in this area whenever she was in his presence or even thought about having to encounter him. When we looked closer at her energy field and she was asked to describe how she perceived it, she described it as being similar to him having his claws right in this area, as if he was somehow feeding on her energy, making her feel weak and fearful.

In addition to professional relationship advice and personal empowerment strategies, she used energy work to fuel her intent to become more positively assertive and deal with this relationship and to set better boundaries for herself.”

That’s just one of the many case studies you have access to.

We all sense energy all the time, you just don't notice - how many times have you said;

"You could cut the atmosphere with a knife"

"It just felt wrong, the vibes were not good"

Or how often have you felt as if someone was looking at you, you turn around and find you were right?

There are many benefits to sensing energy and becoming more conscious of it; you can

Chakra Secrets Promote your own self healing.

Chakra Secrets Go on to become healers for others.

Chakra Secrets Balance your body/mind/spirit.

Chakra Secrets Become more aware of your own true identity.

Chakra Secrets Become more responsible, creating your own destiny.

Chakra Secrets Improve your intuition/ psychic ability.

Chakra Secrets Improve your 'creativity'.

It is more generally accepted now, that there is a link between our physical wellbeing and our emotional, mental and spiritual health. That stress and worry can create real physical illness. Read this book and you will have much greater awareness that our physical body is dependent on the energetic health of our body.

Understanding how the chakras work is core to the management of our energy system.

Whether you want to improve your relationships, find love and fulfillment, improve your life balance, maximize your health or are simply curious about this ancient energy system, then you will find here a powerful tool to help you do just that.

Also, in this unique resource you’ll discover…

Chakra Secrets Exactly what Chakras are and where they’re located in your body to aid health, healing and spirituality.

Chakra Secrets How Chakras and your Aura are linked together, connecting you to all living things?

Chakra Secrets How your decisions and responses are governed by your Chakras?

Chakra Secrets How your physical body is controlled and what governs your foresight and intuition?

Chakra Secrets How each of the 7 Chakras relates to a specific area of your body?

Chakra Secrets The importance of ‘balancing’ to improve overall health.

Chakra Secrets How to tell when your bodily energy systems are either balanced or imbalanced?

Chakra Secrets Which Chakra affects your bodily stamina, spine, hips, sense of security, basic needs and instincts?

Chakra Secrets How each Chakra is associated with a different color? Find out which is which.

Chakra Secrets One Chakra is associated with the color Yellow. It affects will-power, your sense of self-esteem and your personal power. But where is it located in your body? And how does that relate to you?

Chakra Secrets How to tell which Chakra affects your consciousness, your higher self and spiritual connection.

Chakra Secrets Discover the relationship between the internal Chakras and your external Aura colours.

Chakra Secrets Full details of the 7 Chakra locations and everything they affect physically, mentally and emotionally.

Discover What Sorts Of Things
You 'store' In Your Energy

"When you understand these things still sit within your energy field, in and around you, you can decide to make changes or find ways that fit with you to work through painful or difficult emotions and feelings, expressing them safely, able to get on with the business of living."

Fascinating Case Studies where the power of Chakra knowledge is put to use in healing any personal trauma you may have suffered.

Practical step-by-step ways you can help specific problem areas in your life.

Most people are so entwined in their daily physical existence that they have lost their connection to the human spirit, their amazing inner strength, their authentic self, their connection to everything around them.

It is the disconnection that makes you feel separate, not quite happy, not quite satisfied, as if you are seeking something but not quite sure what!

That's why co-dependent relationships are so prevalent, why addictions are so common. We chase pleasure and distraction in false stimulants and distraction, ignoring the simple truth that lies within.

What this resource is not;

Too deep and mystical with profound intellectual 'stuff' that you can't relate to in modern life!

It will appeal to those of you brand new to the topic, those receiving complementary healthcare wanting more information, those just starting out in the energy sphere, even old hands who want a 'new take' or those of you working with healing energy.

But, It IS;

An introduction, an absolute perfect start to see if you are ready to discover more about your own unique human spirit, the power and potential that lies within you, to greatly change your current circumstances, to live a better and more fulfilled life!

In my view the best place to start is with your chakras and aura, to get a basic understanding of the energy you are, what you carry, what you give off, what you take on from other people and even places!

The energy behind your thoughts, words and actions creates your reality.

So now you’ve seen everything covered in this book, let me ask you a question…

If you don’t use, Chakra Secrets Revealed what WILL you do to make major improvements in your life?

You could waste more of your valuable time and energy on conventional Doctors.

Or you could spend a LOT of money buying prescription drugs to pump into your body.

Or you could try any number of the new fad diets that come onto the market every week.

Will any of these things make you feel any better? Not likely.

On the other hand, by trying out Chakra Secrets Revealed, you have the opportunity to use tried and tested techniques and the wisdom of the ancients handed down over centuries.

What would THAT be worth to your physical health and emotional well-being?

Don't wait for conditions to be right, Life will always get in the way - if you let it! Take positive action now!

Do You Want To Finally Start
Living A Life Where You’re
Emotionally, Mentally, Physically
And Spiritually Fulfilled?

If “yes,” then I invite you to download the Chakra Secrets Revealed ebook.

Take the reins and steer your life in the direction you want it to be. MASTER YOUR ENERGY, CHANGE YOUR DESTINY!

Fortunately, getting access to this easily downloadable resource only takes a couple of clicks of your mouse.

And for a very brief window of time, you have an opportunity to get the book today for the incredibly low price of just $27.

Don't wait one second longer for someone else to give you permission to change your life you need to change the way you think and what you believe at a conscious and subconscious level. Otherwise you will just carry on trudging the treadmill of life - reacting to it rather than REJOICING in it!

To grab your copy now, just click the order button below. You’ll then be taken to our Secure Payment processor to enter your payment details. Then click another button and the book can be downloaded to your PC or Mac…

Free Relaxation Bonus (value $14.97)

And if that wasn't enough! I have even included a FREE relaxation audio with the book.

Effective relaxation is a key element in being able to quiet the mind, so that you better interpret the messages your subconscious wants you to know!

Don't deny yourself this introduction to unveiling the energetic world that until now has been hidden from you.

Chakra Secrets Revealed contains many easy to implement strategies written in plain and simple English anyone can understand.

But even more importantly

I’m So Committed To Seeing You
Rapidly Improve Your Life
Using These Ancient Secrets
– I’ll Give You A
Full 60-Day Guarantee

60 Day Guarantee

That’s right…

You’re fully protected by my iron-clad 60 day money-back GUARANTEE: If you decide your copy of Chakra Secrets Revealed isn’t right for you, just let me know and I’ll give you a prompt 100% refund – every penny you paid. That’s a full refund not partial.

The thing is: I’m more than happy to take all the risk on my shoulders, so you don’t have anything to lose.

It’s So Easy
To Get Started

Okay, to get your hands on your instantly downloadable Chakra Secrets Revealed book… complete with your 60-Day, iron-clad money-back GUARANTEE - all you have to do is click here:

Look: If you want to carry on as you are now, battling to understand what’s NOT working in your life, then that’s fine.

But, here’s a way for you to get an amazing insight into what DOES work for millions of people - just like you - all over the world who’re applying the principles of Chakra Secrets Revealed to get their lives back on track.

Even better than that, they are directing their energy into creating loving relationships, successful careers and financial freedom, in fact positive Abundance on Every Level!

I urge you take the first small step in helping yourself to banish feelings of ‘emptiness’, frustration and pain to live the life you know you should be living right now and one you KNOW you deserve.

Kindest Regards


P.S. Chakra Secrets Revealed is quick and easy to download and in just a couple of minutes you’ll be fully absorbed in Chakra Secrets Revealed and possess the power to change your life. Grab your copy now!

P.P.S. You may be very sceptical about all you’ve just read. That’s totally understandable. But remember: You’re fully backed by a 60-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - you risk absolutely nothing by checking it out. Do it now… it’ll be the best investment you will ever make for yourself and your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health.

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