Seven Chakras;seven energy centers

By Davina


There are more than seven Chakras within our energy system but for our ‘everyday’ use we will concentrate on the major seven.

The seven energy centers link up with different layers of energy around you, this makes up your Aura.

Each Chakra can be specifically linked not just to a region of the body but to your organs and bodily functions too.They also have certain ‘characteristics’ or attributes that can highlight your emotional and mental reasoning and behaviors.

For example the Base Chakra is very much linked to your physical body, your survival mechanisms and your instincts.  It can also reveal a lot of information about how stable you feel in your closest relationships or if you feel threatened at work or school.

How does it do this?

In balance, the Chakra is in harmony and functions well, when it is out of balance then it will become apparent – either in a physical way through your body or mentally/ emotionally in your behavior/attitudes and character traits.

You don’t have to be psychic to ‘see’ your energy, we all have the ability to work with and understand the Chakras and Aura around us.

It is about reconnecting with your True Inner Self – Your Feeling Self, Your Conscience, Your Authentic Self – it is not about your intelligence and your usual linear way of looking at things.  Nor is it just about intuition and ‘psychic vibes’ it is how you marry those parts of yourself together, creating harmony and balance, bringing a sense of power and peace back to your Core Self.

It is about using every positive resource you have available to you.

When you embrace the ‘energetic’ part of yourself you can feel whole.  It all comes down to the self, when you look openly and honestly at your core self, you can decide what, if anything you want to change and then decide what it is you would like to bring more of into your life.

Do you want;

Your energy can be likened to a magnet, when you understand your energy works by attracting more of what you have within and around you in your energy field then you can remove what you no longer want and invite in more of what you do!

Understanding your energy and the fact you are connected to others – people and places – you can see or feel how you can sometimes take on their energy (good and bad) or worse, how they take yours!

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