Your Sacral Chakra: Your Relationship Chakra

By Davina

The Sacral Chakra is closely linked and not just by location to the Root Chakra.

The Root deals with the external reproductive organs and the Sacral Chakra deals with the internal organs. What is important is the Relationship between the two.

The same can be said for our lives – our relationships with ourselves, our friends and family are very important to our lives.

The Sacral Chakra is very much about such relationships as well as including our emotions, which of course can play an important part of every relationship we encounter – not just family but business and social relationships too. Some people look to stabilize or balance their emotions through others. They deny to some extent their own needs, passions desires, never realizing the damaging affect they are having on their own health and existence.

This Chakra has very magnetic type qualities and when we delve deeper into its’ depths we will see it is about what and who we repel or attract. It is still linked with your passions – like the Base or Root Chakra but less so out of sheer instinct, here it is more about your desire, your pleasure.

Many people pursue pleasure in all sorts of exhilarating ways and yet can fail to fully absorb that pleasure. So they may seem to be forever chasing experiences, never feeling satisfied. Imbalances in the 2nd Chakra can sometimes be traced back to habitually holding in or curbing your emotions.

Lots of people find strong emotions difficult to deal with and may never seem to get angry for example. However unexpressed emotions always have a habit of revealing themselves somewhere – it can present itself as surface resentment, or in having an embittered nature. The blockage of emotional energy can often be correlated with feeling blocked creatively – whether that is purely artistically – such as writers block or even in work and business matters where you feel your progress and ideas are not given a fair hearing.


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